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Meet your photographer - Bianca-Rae

In this blog post I thought it would be a great opportunity for you to get to know your!

A little about how I got into photography, my international experience and why I started Bianca-Rae Photography.

Hi, so this is me and my frequently photographed daughter Anais! If you follow me on social media she most likely looks very familiar as she is my chosen model for all my new ideas and creative endeavors. She is very tolerant of me, and to be honest, I think she loves being the star of the show!

So, onto me.....I am a Kiwi Portrait and Event Photographer living in Dubai, with my husband Chad and my two children.

Born and raised in the South Island of New Zealand I grew up surrounded by a family of painters, potters, lace makers, singers and musicians. Some of my fondest memories as a child was watching my Dad paint watercolors, and afternoons spent perfecting my drawings, I have been very creative from a young age.

I discovered a love of photography at High school and my Grandad very proudly brought me my first Nikon SLR camera. My love for creativity lead me to studying Fine Arts at the Otago Polytechnic School of Art in Dunedin where I majored in photography. There I spent hours using old medium format cameras and processing and developing my own negatives and photographs. There is something very therapeutic about being in a darkroom with the smell of chemicals!

After completing my Degree, I went on to work for an international children’s portraiture company, where I learnt about photographic posing; posing safety with children and all the tips and tricks to get the best smiles, which from the age of 6 months involved the threat of a tickle from a feather duster...go figure!  After 1 year of working as a photographer for the company I ended up managing one of the branches. This change in career path eventually lead to opportunities in account management and running other businesses outside of the photographic industry. While it wasn’t a career path I had anticipated getting into, each new role presented a new challenge and something for me to learn and I really enjoyed those challenges and the experiences they offered.  While my photography wasn't my main focus over this period, it was still a huge part of my life and I continued to enjoy taking portraits of family, adventures and holidays with the odd wedding for close friends.

In 2013 I became a Mum to my eldest child Lucca, and when he was 3 months old, we moved to China for my husband’s career. I met a wonderful fellow photographer there who convinced me that I should pick up the camera again professionally. Very hesitant about the whole idea she threw me in the deep end and asked me to take her maternity portraits....let's just say this was the wake up call I needed to start my own business and make photography my full time job again. I owe so much to this enthusiastic and caring woman!

So....this was the start of Bianca-Rae Photography!

Having managed other businesses, I loved putting my time and energy into creating my business, creating my brand and on developing and working on my own goals for Bianca-Rae Photography.

The photographic experience is as important to me as the end photographic result. My aim is to have a portraiture experience that is stress free for the family, that is fun and enjoyable and that reflects the family dynamic. To change the idea that each photo has to be perfectly posed, that actually the imperfect moments are just as important; which let’s face it, is how life is!

I desire to capture connections, milestones, celebrations, all the special and uneventful moments that life is made up of. A treasure trove of images for future generations to remember and reflect on! of the beauties of being a photographer is that you can work anywhere!

While moving countries is not easy, when our family had the opportunity to move to Dubai after 5 years in China, we took it, looking forward to the chance to explore another country and to experience another culture.

It has been a slow process of building up the business again, settling children into school and making new friends, but the adventure has been worth it. I have a lovely little studio which allows me to continue sessions in the months when it is too hot to shoot on location. Things can get rather warm here in the United Arab Emirates and as I am typing this it is a 'feels like' of 51 degrees outside!

Along with portraiture I also specialize in event photography. In both China and Dubai I have had the privilege of photographing New Zealand and Australian companies on the international stage.

I have found event photography to be addictive, I love being a part of documenting an amazing event or milestone, the adrenaline of being there at ‘just the right moment’ to help other businesses showcase what they can do and offer to their clients. To capture all the hard work that has gone into creating a spectacular product or event.

Recently I have been fortunate enough to work with the NZ at Dubai Expo 2020 team and to document the New Zealand pavilion being built, an experience I will cherish forever and look forward to seeing completed and presented to the world.

So, that is me and why I do what I do! I feel very lucky that I get to photograph all these amazing people, families, places and events. Thank you to everyone so far for choosing me to capture your journey.

"Being a photographer is being a storyteller in images...let me tell your story"

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