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Professional Portraits: 5 Tips for Preparing for your Shoot

Getting a Professional Portrait taken for your Linked In profile or Website can seem daunting, not many of us feel comfortable in front of the camera. So here are some tips I give my clients to help them to prepare for a portrait shoot with me.

Tip 1. Image

Start planning for your portrait session by thinking about the image you want to portray, what are you trying to tell your business associates, clients or future employers about you or your business? This will help when it comes to choosing your clothing for the shoot and will indicate to your photographer what sort of posing is most suitable.

Do you want to come across as a serious business professional?

Do you prefer your image to be friendly, fun or casual?

or would you like your look to be more creative and moody?

Knowing the image you want to portray before going into the shoot will really set the tone and will help to ensure you get the right images for you.

Tip 2. Clothing

Choose to wear what you feel your best in.

In the week leading up to your session, think about the clothing you feel great in, which clothing is best suited to your body shape and compliments your skin tone. Select two or three options to bring along to your session. Make sure the clothing is clean and pressed ready to go for the day. Have a selection of clean shoes that match the outfits and don't forget any belts required to complete the assemble. Accessorise!

A great watch or a gorgeous pair of earrings can really add to an outfit and help your personality to shine.

Tip 3. Details

Nails, hair, beards and brows!

A fresh hair cut or colour can make a huge difference to how confident you feel on the day.

Beard trims or brow tints can make you look extra sharp and help to define your features.

Check your nails the night before to ensure they are trim and tidy. Ladies, a professional manicure is a beautiful finish!

When it comes to make-up, wear as much as you feel comfortable, everyone is different. As a guide a little heavier than your day make-up always photographs well.

Tip 4. Timing

Timing is everything!

Book your session time for a quieter day, when you will not be rushed to be somewhere. Allow extra time to find the studio and a car park, you don't want to arrive flustered.

Perhaps the start of the day is best for you, before you are caught up in the day's demands. Being able to take your time and relax during your shoot is key to getting some great shots!

Tip 5. Relax

Your Portrait session has begun. Let your photographer take control now, they know what they are doing and which angles you will look your best.

Enjoy being the center of attention and feeling like a super star!

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