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Family Portraits: 5 Tips on Finding the Right Photographer for your Family.

We are so lucky here in New Zealand to have so many talented Photographers to choose from, but how do you choose the right photographer for you and your loved ones? To help with the process of finding the best Photographer for you I have listed my top 5 tips below!

Tip 1. Photographic Style

Begin your search by listing the Photographers in your area that have a style that speaks to you and matches the personality of your family.

This could be posed studio based portraiture, more relaxed sessions on location or a lifestyle documentary session in the comfort of your own home capturing everyday life as it is now.

Look at the Photographer's editing style too, do you prefer your portraits to be more natural looking or do you like a particular filter they use or an airbrushed and polished edit?

Select the style you like and create a short list of Photographers that appeal to you within this style category.

Tip 2. Check out the Photographer's Reviews.

Research the Photographer, do they specialise in family portraiture?

What is their experience and what do their reviews say about them? Are they client focused?

The great thing about client reviews is that they speak loudly about the Photographer’s strengths. You may notice feedback about how they make people feel during their sessions, if they are particularly great at getting the best from children during a shoot, what the final digital or print product was like and how professional they are to deal with. All these tidbits of information really help you to understand what a session with this Photographer would be like and whether you would be happy with the overall experience.

Tip 3. Session Styling and Overall Photographic Image.

A great Photographer is invested in how the whole image is put together, all the details, fabrics and textures. Your clothing should match the location and mood of the session.

For example; Beach sessions are great with flowing fabrics in light colours and bare feet, whereas in Studio the sessions are typically more formal and so require a more formal standard of dress, even a ball gown doesn't go amiss in this setting!

Some Photographers have client closets you can pick and choose from as well as a one or two make-up artists and hair stylists they like to work with. At the very least your Photographer should work with you or give you some direction regarding what to wear on the day.

Tip 4. The Final Product.

Photos should not only be shared online with those you love but printed and put on display. They are works of art, keepsakes and memories that deserve a spot on your wall. Photographers work with high quality products, printing companies with good reputations and some even hand print and make everything themselves. So while it is tempting to choose the digital only package; the Photographer knows how the image should look and will edit your images specifically to match the printing method used, so that your family portrait looks amazing in your home. Each Photographer offers different package options when it comes to digital files and prints so take the time to look at what they are offering and whether it is going to work for what you want to use your portraits for. Also chat to your Photographer about this as many will offer tailored packages to suit your needs!

Tip 5. The Investment.

And, last but not least....let's talk cost. Getting beautiful and amazing family portraits is an investment and obviously everyone has a budget when it comes to getting portraits done. If you don't understand the pricing structure or are unsure of how the packages work, have a chat to your Photographer, they will be able to explain it to you and help with choosing the right package or session option.

Communication around pricing should be open and there should be no hidden surprises or costs!

Many Photographers offer payment options, so ask about those too.

Choosing a Family Portrait Photographer is an important investment so take the time to choose one that will give you the best photos that reflect your family and your family’s personality. Choose a Photographer that you can build a relationship with and call upon to capture all those special moments life brings us.


Hi, I am Bianca-Rae, a qualified Commercial and Portrait Photographer located on the Kapiti Coast.

I love creative portraiture, capturing moments, preserving memories and helping fellow small businesses with beautiful imagery.I most of all believe that photography shouldn't be a stressful experience and so my aim is to make it enjoyable and easy for all my clients to achieve amazing photographs.


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