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How to Dress for Your family Photoshoot: Tips for Stunning Images

When it comes to capturing beautiful photographs, what you wear can make a big difference.

At Bianca-Rae Photography, I always recommend that you wear what makes you feel your best. If you feel amazing in what you're wearing, it will show in the photos! However, there are some additional tips and considerations that can help ensure your images turn out as stunning as possible.

Family portrait at Waikane Beach with Bianca-Rae Photography
Maternity Beach Session with Bianca-Rae Photography

Choose the Right Colors

While you should feel comfortable and confident in your outfit, certain colors photograph better than others. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Avoid Black: While black is a classic color, it can sometimes look harsh in photos. A great alternative is navy blue, which offers a similar slimming effect but is softer on camera.

  • Complementary Colors: When taking group photos, you don't all need to match. Instead, choose complementary colors that look good together. One or two people in patterns or stripes can add a nice touch.

  • Accessories: Don't forget to replace sports watches with dress watches and wear your rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. These small details can make a big difference in the final image.

Wellington Family Photo Session with Bianca-Rae Photography
Wellington Family Photo Session at Breaker Bay

Consider the Location

The location of your photoshoot plays a significant role in what you should wear. Here are some ideas based on different settings:

  • Beach Shoots: Free-flowing, light materials work well for a relaxed and airy feel.

  • Home Shoots: Smart jeans and casual tops can look polished yet comfortable.

  • Studio Sessions: These sessions lean towards a more glamorous and formal approach. Think elegant dresses and suits, with sophisticated accessories to match.

Always feel free to send me a photo of what you're planning to wear before the day of your shoot, and I can provide feedback on your options. Alternatively, bring a change of clothes with you to the shoot!

In home Wellington Family photoshoot with Bianca-Rae Photography
In Home Family Portrait Session with Bianca-Rae Photography

Client Wardrobe

At Bianca-Rae Photography, I offer a wonderful client wardrobe that you're welcome to access. This includes:

  • Gowns for Women and Maternity Clients: These can serve as inspiration for the rest of the family's outfits.

  • Children’s and Newborn Clothing: Perfect for ensuring the little ones look adorable and coordinated.

We can start with one of these gowns and build the rest of the family’s clothing around it. During our first phone call together, we will discuss your favorite colors and the personality of your family to help guide your outfit choices.

Kapiti Family Portrait Photographer
Studio Session with Bianca-Rae Photography

Makeup & Hair Tips

For the best results, I recommend wearing makeup that is slightly heavier than your everyday look but not as heavy as evening makeup. Here are a few additional tips:

  • Avoid Mineral-Based Foundation: For studio sessions, avoid using mineral-based foundations as they can react with strobe lighting and create a shiny, greasy texture on your skin.

  • Hair: A fresh hair cut or colour can make a huge difference to how confident to how you feel on the day. It is also a great idea to bring a hairbrush, bobby pins and straighteners to your session for quick touchups.

  • Beards, Brows and Nails: Beard trims or brow tints can make you look extra sharp and help to define your features. Check your nails the night before to ensure they are trim, tidy with no chipped nail polish.  A professional manicure if you feel like splashing out, is a beautiful finish! 

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the key to great photos is feeling amazing in what you’re wearing. If you have any questions or need advice on what to wear, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to help you look and feel your best, ensuring your photos capture your true essence beautifully.

Remember, what you wear is just one part of the equation. Your personality, the love you share with your family, and the genuine moments we capture together will shine through, creating memories you’ll cherish forever.

Wellington Family Portrait Photographer
In Home Lifestyle Session with Bianca-Rae Photography

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